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Full Business Analysis and Design

If you are introducing a new process, full business analysis and design is recommended. In depth analysis is key to a successful implementation of an operational process or system.

As a bare minimum the deliverables generally associated with full analysis and design are:

Requirements Paper - Details all business operational requirements
Context Diagram - Details an overview of the process
High Level Design - Details 'What' the process is and 'What' it will deliver
Detailed Design - Details 'How' the process will function
Dependent on the size and complexity of the process (and indeed the Client's requirements) other deliverables can also be compiled such as Options Papers, Timelines, Functional and Non Functional Specifications.

Process Health Check

It is commonplace to have older processes in place which although appear to function adequately could involve superfluous steps and unnecessary processing which all lead to an inefficient system (manual or automated or indeed both).

Inefficient processes are also more costly; just consider the amount of time, effort and money you could save by having a correctly running and managed process?

The key deliverables associated with the Process Health Check are:

Current State Assessment of the process - Details how the process is supposed to function compared to how the process actually functions
Recommendations Paper - Advice and recommendations based on the findings from the Current State Assessment

Documentation Only

If you have already performed some analysis and have gained all the information pertaining to a specific process or processes, you may only require the information to be professionally brought together.

Therefore the Documentation Only service offers a swift, low cost option to compile documentation for you and your company. This may be required for a number of reasons such as:

Ensuring completeness
For future reference
Complying with your audit policies

The deliverables will be largely governed by yourself / the information provided however we will be able to provide help, support and guidance throughout the process.